iPhone Has a Secret Code, Did You Know?

iPhone Has a Secret Code, Did You Know?

Although iOS is made as a closed mobile operating system, Apple still provides flexibility for iPhone users. There are a number of secret codes that allow users to do many things.

To use this secret code is quite easy. We only enter the combination of numbers and symbols on the dial pad, followed by pressing the telephone button.

IMEI Number

To find out the iPhone’s International Mobile Equipment Number (IMEI), just press * # 06 # on the dial pad. IMEI number will appear immediately on the screen.

It should be noted that IMEI is a unique string of numbers and is printed on the iPhone box. If the iPhone is lost or stolen, we need this number to file a report with the authorities.

This combination can not only be used on the iPhone. But it is also used on smartphones with other platforms and future phones.

Call Forwarding

Press * # 21 # on the iPhone dial pad. We will look at the call and transfer information.

Press * # 62 # on the dial pad to get call forwarding information when iPhone is turned off or out of reach.

Disabling Call Forwarding

Press ## 002 # to deactivate the call forwarding option.

Blocking Number

If you want to block a phone number, press * # 30 # followed by the call button.

Hiding Number

Press * # 31 # to hide the phone number

Call Barring

Press * # 33 # to see the barring call status on the iPhone. This option is useful when the iPhone is unable to make calls or connect to the data network.

We can display the call barring option by typing * # 33 # followed by the pin number of the telephone network. To deactivate simply press # 33 *.

Call Waiting

Press * # 43 # on the dial pad to get Call Waiting, SMS, Data and Sync Data status. To activate the Call Waiting option, press * 43 #, and press # 43 $ to deactivate.

Missed Call

To find out the status of missed calls, press * # 61 #

Secret Settings

To display the hidden test mode on the iPhone, press * 3001 # 12345 # on the iPhone. Instantly signal information, SMS info, PDP content and more.

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