How to ‘Hide’ Chat in WhatsApp

Have a friend who likes to borrow a cellphone and then casually read your WhatsApp chat? If so, there is a way to prevent the message from being read by your friends, by “hiding” the chats.

This method actually does not really hide the message, because it is only “archived” as the name of the WhatsApp feature. In this way, we can ‘hide’ certain chats, or even whole without needing to delete them.

Also through this Archive feature, your WhatsApp chat can be “hidden” from the screen and resurfaced when needed. WhatsApp private chat or group can be archived all.

But what deserves attention is the chat that you have archived it will automatically appear again on the screen if there are new messages that come in.

Well, here’s how to “hide” WhatsApp chat:

To “hide” certain chats

On the chat screen, tap and hold the chat you want to hide. At the top, right next to point three, the Archive icon will appear. Just select the icon with the down arrow and your chat will enter the archive and it will not appear on the chat screen.

To return the chat to the screen (Unarchive/Open archive)

Scroll to the very bottom of the Chat screen. There you will find the words “Archive chat”, followed by the number of chats that you have archived. Enter that section then tap and hold the chat you want to return to the screen, followed by selecting the Unarchive / Open archive icon (in the form of an up arrow).

To “hide” all chats on screen

Settings / Settings> Chat> Chat history / Chat history> Archive all chats / Archive all chats.

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To return all chats to the screen, you can enter Chat history / Chat history then select Unarchive all chats / Open archive of all chats.

Or go to the “Archive chat” section> tap and hold one chat> tap the dot at the top right then “Select all” to return all archived chats to the screen.

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