Easy Way to Translate Sentences in Chat Application

When running the Chrome browser, we can translate sentences on a site using Google Translate. The same thing can also be done in the instant messaging application, how?

The translation capability is possible thanks to the Tap-To-Translate feature. But because of Apple’s strict policy, this feature can only be enjoyed on the Android platform only.

Now, with this feature, we are given the ease and speed to translate text directly from messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Line, and others. So we no longer need to copy-paste the text to/from Google Translate to translate a sentence.

  • First, download the Google Translate app on the Play Store.
  • Second, when it is installed, press the menu icon (line three) at the top left of the screen.
  • Third, select Settings> Tap to Translate.
  • Fourth, in the Enable Tap to Translate option, slide the switch to the right.

From here, we can translate sentences in instant messages directly without the need to open the Google Translate application. The way:

  1. Highlight the sentence that will be translated and press Copy
  2. Instantly, a Google Translate icon will appear. Press the icon.
  3. We will immediately see the translation of the sentence we have chosen. Press the colon icon if you want to copy the translation.
  4. If you want to reply to the message in the language of the other person, press New Translation.
  5. Press Copy to copy it.
  6. Then, long press on the message bar, Paste option will appear. Press the option to add the translation results.

Hopefully, these tips can help expedite communication with interlocutors who use foreign languages. Good luck.

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